Wood Windows in Raleigh, NC

Thinking of replacing your windows with wood windows? The Beauty of wood stands alone in all the material choices available for window construction. Whether you stain or paint the look created from detailed craftsmanship is not easily replicated with plastic or fiberglass. Most consumers today require low maintenance exteriors, wood window companies have responded with clad wood windows. Clad windows are wood windows covered with either aluminum or vinyl exteriors, many color choices are available, even custom colors from some of the larger companies.
Wood Windows RaleighWood window replacement can cost more than replacing your windows with vinyl, due to higher manufacturing costs, plus you’ll need to stain or paint the interior.

Of all of my clients whom I have replaced their windows with wood windows, they are by far the most satisfied will the overall look and performance of their new windows.

Wood window replacement maintains the current architectural appearance of your home better than any other window type available. Combined with today’s technology, wood windows make a great choice for window replacement.

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