Best Windows For Replacement In The Raleigh/Durham Area Of North Carolina

I often am asked, what are the best replacement windows? My response is pretty much the same for most folks.

1st question I ask is, what do you need architecturally? Do you need to match the look of your current windows? Do the grills or mutins need to match? Is the color of the new exterior important? Vinyl windows can not meet all of these requirements, then we look at fiberglass or wood clad, or even all wood replacement windows.

Pocket replacement windows or partial replacement radically changes the exterior appearance,

2nd question is how much energy efficiency do you desire? Certain materials work better than others,

3rd question is, what is your budget? Replacement windows can sell for 300-1800.00 each,

4th question
is which installation method is best for your home, my rule of thumb is if your home was built after 1950. The best installation method is full frame replacement, see other sidebar articles for more details.

Remember there is no such thing as a good cheap window!! The better the look, the more energy efficient = more cost

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