Window and Door replacement in Cary, NC

In Cary NC the windows and doors are as diverse as the people who live there.

The windows that have given homeowners the most problems have primarily come from builders grade wood windows used in homes from the 1990’s through early 2000’s.

These wood windows are of poor overall construction, top that with inferior wood that is not resistant to mold and decay and you have a serious problem I want to educate you about.

Ok, you have these wood windows, what should you do?

Before you talk to a smooth talking salesperson, who sells the latest and greatest window!!

Learn your options; first thing I like to teach folks are the installation options for their new windows.

See replacing DH’s in article on same page, for detailed installation methods.

Then we discuss window options, we are an independent window and door contractor.

We are not going to recommend a product based on financial gain for us, we recommend the best product and installation for the job. Please see our reviews on Angie’s list, they tell it all.

We also use our own employees, no subcontractors, 35 years’ experience in the building and remodeling trades. I am a licensed general contractor.

We can handle any issue that may arise, including structural damage, siding, sheetrock, that may result from these windows leaking water into your homes walls.

Also check us out for any other home improvement project you may have.


hirsch window leak

hirsch window rot


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