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Replacing Windows In Chapel Hill?

Shopping for window replacements for the Chapel Hill or Durham area of North Carolina?

Consider this; choosing the right installation method is just as important as the brand/quality of the window you choose. For example, let’s say you want the most indestructible window on the planet!! I would think a window from a submarine would qualify as the best…wouldn’t you?  Take this window and place it inside of your existing wood window frame, AKA pocket replacement, and what do you have? You have 1⁄2 of a window job that will still leak air and will only last as long as the wood frame stays solid.  This does not seem right does it? My point is, why purchase a high quality window and only do half of the window installation?  Take the same window and remove the entire wood window, sash, frame and trim and now when it is installed you have a window that will last for many years without further maintenance required, for a more detailed explanation see replacing double hung windows.

When it comes to replacing windows the right product combined with proper installation does make a difference! When I speak with homeowners about other bids they are receiving, one of the first things I hear is “they are going to cap or wrap my exterior trim and sill!”  This is when a flat coil of aluminum is bent to fit around the trim and sill and placed over existing wood (see Figure A) this window was capped 10 years before the photo.  The next two photos (Figure B & C) show the damage created from trapping moisture inside this capping.  Capping or wrapping of an existing wood window cannot be sealed enough to keep out moisture.


window was capped 10 years before the photo

Figure A

Figure B

Figure B

Figure C

Figure C

The next set of photos shows a project where the pocket window replacement method was used leaving the old window frame in place, only 6 years prior.  Notice the fungus growing out between the window and the capping!!!

Figure D

Figure D

The worst problem created from capping is the damage to surrounding structure that cannot be seen until the capping is removed.

Figure E

Figure E

The difference between us and them is, I will never recommend this type of installation for the replacement of existing wood windows in Chapel Hill and the Triangle area of NC.  They have quotas to meet!!  Your best interest is not on their agenda; always specify FULL FRAME replacement…

Wood Windows in Raleigh, NC

Thinking of replacing your windows with wood windows? The Beauty of wood stands alone in all the material choices available for window construction. Whether you stain or paint the look created from detailed craftsmanship is not easily replicated with plastic or fiberglass. Most consumers today require low maintenance exteriors, wood window companies have responded with clad wood windows. Clad windows are wood windows covered with either aluminum or vinyl exteriors, many color choices are available, even custom colors from some of the larger companies.
Wood Windows RaleighWood window replacement can cost more than replacing your windows with vinyl, due to higher manufacturing costs, plus you’ll need to stain or paint the interior.

Of all of my clients whom I have replaced their windows with wood windows, they are by far the most satisfied will the overall look and performance of their new windows.

Wood window replacement maintains the current architectural appearance of your home better than any other window type available. Combined with today’s technology, wood windows make a great choice for window replacement.

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Replacement Windows in Raleigh – FAQs


In our geographic location, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area of North Carolina we experience hot, cold, wet or dry, sometimes in the same week! These environmental extremes wreck havoc on our homes exterior, especially if there is wood involved. Choosing the next window and method of installation should be considered carefully.


Basically, there are 2 primary methods for replacing wood windows.

  • “Full Frame replacement”, aka” complete replacement”
  • And “Pocket replacement” aka” Partial replacement”

(See replacing DH’s “in the news” for more details)
If your current window is not made of wood, i.e. aluminum, vinyl or steel. A variety of techniques may apply.


Look for a certified window contractor in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area. Some manufacturers offer certification, all about the same, Pella certification is a comprehensive program requiring its members to follow strict professional guidelines, with ongoing training and support that provides contractors the tools they need to succeed. A hands on approach is what you’ll find with Pella window contractors, able to deal with any other issues that may arise during installation, i.e. wood rot, structural damage.

We have been a Pella certified contractor in Raleigh and Triangle area for 25 years! We also sell and install all name brands. Being independent also allows me the ability to offer the best product for you, not for me. A large national company offers one brand of products, usually a pocket installation, done by sub-contractors, primary motivation is sales. Hire the crew, not the sales person!!!


Your options include; Vinyl, Fiberglass, Aluminum, Composite, Wood and Wood Clad. The best ways to judge a material, is how much faith does the manufacturer place on their products, or how much warranty? A 20 year glass seal warranty or better. Plus at least 10 years of parts coverage is a must, also, does the factory have warranty personnel? You will need to have that type of support in the long term.

Also as important as warranty, is energy efficiency. Energy efficient windows will help you save money on energy costs, look for low numbers for U-value, below .30 minimum, .24 or better is outstanding. For solar heat gain, .30 or lower, sunny sides of home would benefit from lowest numbers. Vinyl and fiberglass windows offer the best numbers, due to low conductivity of heat or cold.

If you must have the look of real wood, consider wood clad, where the wood window has a exterior skin of vinyl or aluminum, vinyl cladding does not hold up as well as a extruded aluminum cladding, avoid roll form aluminum as it is thin. Some fiberglass windows have wood interiors; all can be stained or painted to match your existing conditions.

Composite type windows have poor warranties for all their claims of superiority, and are typically installed in a pocket type installation, a large investment for incomplete installation!! Aluminum and steel windows are durable but inefficient at energy saving, prone to early seal failure.


Beware the high pressure sales people; they will sell you what’s best for them! But not YOU!!

Look for an independent window contractor that uses name brand products backed by factory service and parts. Avoid sub-contractors; they are motivated to get the job done quickly. Choose the most energy efficient window you can afford, you can make a difference!

Install it correctly; this is the most important choice you have to make!! See replacing double hung’s in the news and info section

Replacing double hung windows?

You have 3 types of installation options:

1. Pocket replacement
By removing the existing sashes and jamb liners, a new window is set inside the existing frame. This is primarily how vinyl windows are done.

2. Sash replacement
Same as above but no new frame installed. Only the sashes and liners are replaced.

3. Full Frame replacement
The entire window is replaced – sash, frame and trim.

Which is best for your home?

In North Carolina we live in a severe weathering zone. Rotten wood can be hiding under trim and window sills!

Are your windows out of square? Look for unequal reveals, bows and gaps along edges where sashes meet frame. Chances are it was not shimmed. Shimming ensures that the frame of the window stays secure in the opening. Without shims, your windows are free to move around.
Is there old or no insulation between existing window frame and wall studs (called rough opening)?

Pocket replacements-vinyl replacement, i.e.; Pella Precision Fit and Andersen Renewal OR sash kits (just sash and liners replaced) do NOT address any of the problems listed above. In fact, it can cause more problems in the future since capping of existing trim with aluminum coil stock, can trap moisture in the trim, which accelerates the rotting.

Many pocket replacement advocates will tell you that Full Frame replacement will damage your siding and interior. This is simply NOT true. They may also tell you it’s more expensive when in fact its extremely competitive with mid to high-end windows.

Why are so many companies promoting pocket replacement? Profit and ease of installation = quick money. Many companies hire professional salesmen who are very effective in their presentations.

Few have any actual construction experience and quotas motivate most. Why leave any part of an inferior window in place? With full frame replacement you remove entire window, frame and trim. This
is the only way to correct hidden issues.

The advantages of full frame replacement over pocket replacement include:

  • Discover & Repair water and insect damage.
  • You will be able to install new frame constructed out of low maintenance material, i.e. vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and NOT just cover existing (i.e. capping).
  • Add flashing to sill and provide a real drip cap.
  • Caulk directly to siding or masonry.
  • Square new installation, use shims.
  • Use foam to insulate around rough opening.
  • You will get all new window sills and trim cut with precision (you could even upgrade or change your style)
  • Allows more flexibility with design. Change to casements, transoms, etc.
  • Full frame replacement does not reduce your glass area as does pocket replacement.
  • Quality is higher with full frame window brands. These are also called new construction windows. All can be custom made.

In general, the warranty for doing a pocket replacement will not apply to your existing frame. Looking at long term costs you could spend considerably more with pocket replacements. With full frame replacement you will be saving more energy & landfill space.

Pocket replacements, sash replacements are quick fixes. Making repairs to existing windows and replacing sills, etc, in my opinion, only delays the inevitable and is not the best investment for your money.

Regardless of who you hire for your window project I hope that you please consider full frame replacement!