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What Our Clients are Saying About Us

We started the renovation project on our home with the idea of a new window, but the project turned out to be so much more. Each change to our house – wall removed to create a newly designed kitchen, new windows, new doors, new flooring, new porch screening, new roof – is absolutely fabulous. we were incredibly impressed with our building contractor, Windows, Doors, & More, Inc. All these projects went smoothly and the results are beautiful.

When we compare Windows, Doors, & More, Inc. to other contractors whom we have used in the past, these are characteristics that are different and stand out.

Mr. Gillespie and his crew, Dan and Richard, are a team. They work well together and communicate instinctively. Mr. Gillespie enjoys his role as mentor and teacher, and the younger men appreciate what they learn from him. Each day Mr. Gillespie was on-site, participating in the hands-on work while also supervising his crew. All this created a positive atmosphere of having workmen around our house that enjoyed what they were doing and with whom they worked.

From the first planning meeting to the ending day, Mr. Gillespie was on time for every appointment. He called to give us information and updates as we moved toward the beginning date. Work began promptly each morning with the entire team present.

The Windows, Doors, & More, Inc. team was very efficient. They worked continuously and, as a result, were able to accomplish much toward the goals each day. Even though they knew they would return, daily before leaving, they cleaned our house inside and out of construction debris.

The Windows, Doors, & More, Inc. team takes pride in their work. Mr. Gillespie’s attention to even small details was outstanding. He never took a quick way out just to get a task done. He wanted every piece of the project to look the best it could. He worked toward this degree of quality while also finding the cost efficient ways to achieve the result.

Mr. Gillespie, Dan, and Richard cared about our small house. Just as they take pride in their worksmanship, they strove for us, the homeowners, to feel proud of our home. We felt they respected our property and cared about final results. Instead of just focusing on their specific chore, they appreciated how the chore related to our house and property.

We would recommend Windows, Doors, & More, Inc. highly and totally without reservations. We so appreciate the job they did. now our house is even more a home.


Doug and Pat